Auto Kickstart for 2018


So, it’s 2018 and you want to make the year count.  You want your business to hum along like a well oiled machine on a never ending highway.  That’s a great goal to start the new year and one that most business owners would share.

We decided to put together our top 3 time saving ideas that can be applied to any business and also have universal appeal.

Your business can put these into practice immediately with little outside assistance and all three are guaranteed to increase staff productivity and automate systems.  Everyone will be achieving more while doing less.

No More Data Entry

How many staff do you have typing away at a computer entering data into your accounting system.  In 2018, the answer is too many.  Advanced Business Manager comes with an in built module called Billfeeds.  There is no cost for the module so it’s fair to suggest it suits all budgets.  Your customers and suppliers simply email transactions such as invoices and sales orders to a given email address and they appear in ABM, ready to authorize and approve with no data entry required.

No More Stock Problems

Is your warehouse efficient at receiving and dispatching goods? Is 2018 the year that you finally fix your stock problems?  Advanced Business Manager has several fully integrated modular options when it comes to picking, packing, transferring and stocktaking goods.  Barcode functionality including user generated codes and support for up to 5 different barcode numbers for each product is inbuilt into the software.

Make Your Company Mobile

Are you still using paper based systems to record timesheets, stock deliveries and customer/sales calls.  Failure to capture this information live could be costing your business in lost revenue and lost opportunities.  Make 2018 the year you empower your workforce with the tools they need to do their job instantly using ABM mobility apps.  All you need to do is work out which process is taking the most time.  We can work with you to customize our mobile apps to suit your workflow and capture data at the point of sale.

Which one will give you the quickest productivity improvement?