Forecast 5

Forecast 5 is a business tool used to determine forecasts such as Profit and Loss, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet projections using what if analysis for your business. It has been purpose built for forecasting and budgeting, eliminating the need for multiple excel spreadsheets that are difficult and time consuming to update.

Forecasts can be as detailed or high level as you need, allowing you to consider the future of your business from as many angles and potential opportunities as you can imagine.

Customize, save and print your reports exactly how you want them in a format that will look great for your bank or board of directors.

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Financial Planning

Re-forecasting based on actual results is so quick that budgeting and financial planning becomes a year-round exercise.

Create rolling forecasts and revise projections as you wish, reporting on the original forecast figures.  Designate your expected growth and extend your forecasts for up to fifteen years.

Link to Your Accounting Package

Forecast 5 is stand alone, platform independent software, currently with an auto-connect option for several ERP systems.

Importing and exporting your GL structure, current budget and monthly actual for your current accounting package is as simple as a few clicks.

Forecast 5 Benefits

User friendly, simple and easy to use interface

Save time – faster than Excel

Import Data means accurate data from your accounting system

Taxation – GST, VAT, Income Tax and PAYE automatically calculate

Financial Planning – Automatic re-forecasting based on actual results

Professional Features – Designed by accountants and includes calculation by units, profile, % of sales, costs.

Full Double Entry Rigour – worry free account reconciliation

Forecast 5 Features

Consolidations and Eliminations

Multiple Forecasts

Multiple Users

Error-Free Forecasting

What If Analysis

Actual and Variance Reports

Multiple Bank Accounts

Multiple Currencies

Seasonal and Custom Profiles

Wages Modelling & Employee Groups

Stock Modelling

Extend for up to 15 years

Folders for Departments and Cost Centres

Automated PAYG, Income Tax, Depreciation and GST calculation

Hot-linking to Spreadsheets

Integrated Report Sets

Template Creation

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