With Opmetrix your sales team can record customer activity remotely including managing customer contacts and call notes on a range of devices. They can enter orders, invoices and credits for ABM products then synchronize this data for automatic import into ABM. The Opmetrix mobile apps are available through Apple, Android and Windows app stores and a link to all three is listed below for your convenience. At head office there is a full access to the Opmetrix CMS (Customer Management System), which includes field administration tools and over 100 reports, to analyze sales and productivity of your team.

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To download the ABM Opmetrix app for Apple, Android or Windows mobile devices, please use the links at the bottom of this page


Advanced Business Manager has partnered with Opmetrix and the two companies work closely together to ensure their unique version of the product offers teh best integration and support to ABM customers for current and future versions.

Opmetrix Productivity Features

Call Scheduling

You can use Opmetrix to define short and long term goals for field users and the stores they visit.  This helps to increase visibility of time  in store and store visit activity and management can progress towards goals and measure final outcomes.

Set Objectives and Goals

Management are able to set a task list of activities for field teams to complete per store to ensure goals are met.  The system allows you to save reports and analyze time spent in store to measure progress and re-evaluate targets for the next store visit.  Available tasks include Surveys, Call Notes and Goals.

Task Management

This is where supervisors or field users can maintain and update call schedules.  Management reporting includes adherence to call schedules, length of time spent in store and call coverage audits.

Opmetrix Transaction Entry

Transaction Entry

Opmetrix provides a comprehensive transaction entry system to match the features of ABM.  Signature capture, printing and email with configuration options to suit your business processes is available.

Image Catalogue

You can easily navigate and access products directly from the image catalogue and change between four zoom levels.  The images are displayed clearly with product descriptions and codes to ensure accurate and quick order entry.

Opmetrix Surveys

5 Question Types

Use surveys to collect key data by completing the survey in store.  Choose from drop down lists, Yes/No buttons, Star Rating questions and Input Answer boxes to create rich and useful results.  Utilize the Portfolios option if you want to set up and generate automatic daily, weekly and monthly reports.

Targeted Surveys

Opmetrix allows you to design a new survey in minutes and select the customer categories or banners you require to accurately target outlets and get fast results from the field.

Opmetrix Key Account Management

Contact Management

This is where you can maintain multiple contacts per store for each department or manager. Contact information is updated for all field users who access the store and can be exported to third party promotional mailing systems.

Call Notes

Call notes with topic and listed activities can be made in and out of store.  You can attach photos and email call notes to managers, customer services or credit departments.

New Prospects

A really nice feature is the ability to add new Prospects and Outlets in the field and build call history and survey information to turn prospects into customers.

Opmetrix Communication

Escalate Issues

This highlights issues and help identify the action required to resolve in store issues quickly.  The program allows you to add a call note with a photograph and email to other field staff or managers for immediate action.

Email Confirmation

Once transactions are agreed, Opmetrix sends professional email confirmations of Orders, Credits, Requests or Quotes to Outlets, to your wholesalers or your principals.

Share Group Goals

Use Group Goals to build strong and effective teams by sharing group goals to maximize store productivity, generate high quality results and move forward.

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