Totally Workwear

Choosing Ajendico Pty Ltd to migrate our franchise to Advanced Business Manager (ABM) software was the right decision for our business.

Our previous system had some real limitations – we were wasting many hours on manual processing of our orders, not only costing us time and money in labour, but also impacting our order turnaround time – our customers were suffering too.

“Ajendico took the time to understand our issues and really know the ABM software. We were able to work with Ajendico to achieve  an integrated, customised solution which has made us much more efficient allowing us to focus on growing and improving our business.”

We have improved our order turnaround time considerably with great customer response & feedback.

We have had a savings estimated of 30 – 50 labour hours per week on our order processing, along with a drop in ordering errors & rework – the back to back order functionality of ABM is a real time saver for us.

We are now looking to the next phase. Ajendico have written a range of custom programs from which we can automate even more of our processes and we are working with Ajendico to implement ABM apps to allow us to process sales any where at any time using mobile devices.

Shane Williams
Owner / Manager

Totally Workwear Port Stephens
Totally Workwear is a national provider of workwear, corporate wear & safety gear.