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Multi Store Franchise and Retail

Software for the Multi Store Franchise and Retail Industry

What's Unique About You?

  • You need to record sales by sales person for tracking and commission purposes
  • You need security around price changes and discounts
  • You need integrated EFTPOS terminals
  • You need laybys and gift vouchers and pay later functionality
  • You need to setup products at head office and have them available in all stores
  • You need supplier list import functionality
  • You need to track where there are multiple suppliers for same product
  • You need to be able to see stock on hand in other stores

Do You Need the Bells & Whistles?

Our advanced Multi Store Franchise and Retail solutions include the following features:

  • Do you need touch screens & barcoding for faster sales processing
  • Do you need back to back ordering
  • Do you need automatic reorder wizards
  • Do you need to buy the same item in colours/sizes (structured stock)
  • Do you need loyalty points program for your customers
  • Do you need POS integration for retail stores and warehouses
  • Do you need reporting on best sellers per store

Why Choose Ajendico?

Ensure your setup is customised to suit your business.

Our “Get Started” process ensures a quality project management is delivered.

Your fixed price project ensures certainty, with no budget blowouts.

Choose from a wide range of contracts for ongoing training and support.

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