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Software for the Workwear Industry

What's Unique About You?

  • You need to sell the same product in different pack sizes (units of measure)
  • You need special prices, quantity price breaks and pack size pricing
  • You need to sell some products by weight and volume (kilo, gram, litre etc)
  • You need to scan weight barcodes to calculate quantity from the sale price
  • You need multiple warehouse stock locations
  • You need Back-To-Back ordering 
  • Do you need supplier list import
  • Do you need multiple supplier for same product

Do You Need the Bells & Whistles?

Our advanced Workwear Industry solutions include the following features:

  • Do you need multiple bin locations for each product in the one warehouse
  • Do you need individual customer price lists including their special prices
  • Do you need web orders with customers able to access their prices
  • Do you need to reduce excess inventory
  • Do you need loyalty point program for your customer
  • Do you need POS integration for retail and warehouse 

Why Choose Ajendico?

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Our “Get Started” process ensures a quality project management is delivered.

Your fixed price project ensures certainty, with no budget blowouts.

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