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Surveyors & Planners

Software for the Surveyors & Planners Industry

What's Unique About You?

  • You need tools for managing a competitive business, with special focus on time and cost tracking through single-entry workflow.
  • You need a system with job costing, timesheeting, project invoicing and business intelligence.

Do You Need the Bells & Whistles?

  • You need to track Subcontractor Claims against budgets
  • You need to manage business assets
  • You need to manage multiple branches with data security
  • You need the ability to scan and attach documents and drawings to transactions

Why Choose Ajendico?

Ensure your setup is customised to suit your business.

Our “Get Started” process ensures a quality project management is delivered.

Your fixed price project ensures certainty, with no budget blowouts.

Choose from a wide range of contracts for ongoing training and support.

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