Advanced Business Manager

Comprehensive Accounting & Business Management Software

Up to Date Reporting​

Accurate and up to date reporting means your business can flourish

Boost Productivity & Reduce Error

ABM has been designed to be as automated as possible, reducing time spent on manual tasks and data entry.

A Modular Business Solution

Use what you need, not what you are given

Understand Your Needs

Can’t find what you are looking for here?  Ajendico Pty Ltd can custom write a program for you, tailored to your specific needs

ABM's Main Features


Advanced Business Manager was designed and developed by accountants.


Advanced Business Manager is designed to grow with your business.  Using open architecture and built around Microsoft SQL Server ® with Microsoft Office ® integration


ABM includes a number of modifiable security features. Your staff can be assigned to user groups and each group can be allocated access rights to specific operations.


When entering transactions, the General Ledger is automatically posted and automatic alerts are triggered on customers and jobs to make management of these accounts easier

Create your perfect system

Core Accounting System

All business activities are run through ABM’s core accounting system, the foundation for your business-wide IT solution. Adaptable for small to large businesses and staff numbers, ABM is truly a robust accounting system with a focus on fluent user-friendly workflow to simplify business management. Inventory and Job Costing versions of the accounting system are available for products and service-based businesses.

Optional Modules

When your business requires specific functionality beyond the core accounting system, ABM provides Optional Modules. Optional Modules connect to the accounting system to provide the single-entry workflow, allowing the system to expand effortlessly with your business.

Mobile Application

Advanced Business Manager (ABM) is embracing the shift towards mobile applications to deliver “anytime, anywhere” access to your business information.

Ajendico Custom Program

All our products include a large range of general reports to allow you to gain accurate information on the business. For more specific information, our Crystal & Alchemex Reports design team can assist. Using the customers brief, we will prepare a sample report for each request. We can also provide trained staff to help you in assessing your requirements. Where the task requires more than reporting, a tailored solution will be provided on time and within your budget.