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Accurate and up to date reporting means your business can flourish

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Top accounting software features you should look for

Choosing accounting software can be time consuming and confusing if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. Before making
a decision, it’s important to assess what features are essential for your business operations versus what’s a ‘nice to have’.
Then you can set about finding a solution that covers everything you really need and a little extra too.

Here are some key features of accounting software you should weigh up when deciding.


At this point in the stage, the minority of companies are either all aboard the digital train, or are stuck in the past with isolated business processes, the Harvard Business Review reported. In the middle lies the vast majority that have adopted some form of technology, whether it be cloud capability or a solution like structured stock software.

There are two target audiences that businesses account for when digitising: Customers and employees. Both are mutually beneficial, in that improving internal processes will likely bring benefits that extend to the front-end of the company – consumer interaction.


As your business expands, your software should be able to grow with it and support your entire supply chain.

A scalable software solution means it can do just that. You could start your business with 10 products and grow it to 1000 over time without having to manage a software transfer alongside your increasing sales. Similarly, if you start off wanting to record a simple inventory but want to expand it to manage your entire supply chain, you need business management software that can handle the change without complications


ABM includes a number of modifiable security features. Your staff can be assigned to user groups and each group can be allocated access rights to specific operations.


While the term automation means many different things now, in finance software, it might mean generating weekly repeat invoices or heavily-used reports. If there’s any job you do on a regular basis, it’s worth finding a solution that can help you automate it.

There’s no excuse for you or your team to be wasting time on easy, repeatable tasks with today’s technology.


All business activities are run through ABM’s core accounting system, the foundation for your business-wide IT solution. Adaptable for small to large businesses and staff numbers, ABM is truly a robust accounting system with a focus on fluent user-friendly workflow to simplify business management. Inventory and Job Costing versions of the accounting system are available for products and service-based businesses


A key function of your finance team is ensuring your tax reporting goes without a hitch. Depending on the expertise of your staff and how closely you work with an accountant, you might find a package that’s set up to produce essential tax reports extremely helpful.

Some software even files your reports directly, though it’s always worth checking over the details with an expert before you send it off.



Your financial data provides plenty of insight into your overall business operations if interrogated properly. Accounting software that comes with both pre-defined reports and the option for you to custom design beyond the usual profit and loss statements is highly valuable. It helps you identify what payments are coming in on time or late, which departments are contributing most revenue or where teams are spending above what you’d expect. Ideally you can access reports that give you top level information, such as overall profits, as well as more detailed information about specific accounts.

It’s also important these reports are easy to design and run – drag-and-drop dashboards are particularly user-friendly software features that present you with the key data as you log in so you can’t miss it.


Preparing payroll manually is a time-consuming and messy process that can easily go wrong. Finding accounting software that either incorporates payroll or links with your existing system makes life much simpler. You can set up employees with the right tax information and transfer their salary straight to stored bank account details. If your team submit timesheets, with the right system you can automatically work out what they should be paid each period.

With payroll information going through your main accounting system, it’s included in your tax time reporting and general business intelligence data.


Most businesses now want a software solution that they can access remotely, at any time. If you or your colleagues need to use your accounting software away from the main office or out of hours, a cloud-based solution is essential. Cloud technology is also useful if you don’t yet have a fully-fledged IT team, as the service provider often takes responsibility for protecting the software from cyber attacks. 

While you’re looking at cloud software, consider whether it’ll be helpful for your solution to come with a mobile app. In either case, make sure to ask how the provider deals with updates, and what kind of downtime rates they experience.


Not all your business’s worth is in cash form. You’ll likely have a number of assets that add value to your business but aren’t accounted for within your incomings and outgoings. Asset management functionality helps you keep track of expensive machinery and equipment, keep it maintained as required and check each item is bringing value to your operations.

To help you make the best decision for your business, grab a free demo of all the key accounting software features you need with Advanced Business Manager.


Advanced Business Manager (ABM) is embracing the shift towards mobile applications in order to deliver “anytime, anywhere” access to your business information.

ABM mobile application has shown strong improvements in operating efficiencies and accuracy, due to the ability for mobile users to enter data on the spot and have access to ABM wherever they are. 


All our products include a large range of general reports to allow you to gain accurate information on the business. For more specific information, our Crystal & Alchemex Reports design team can assist. Using the customers brief, we will prepare a sample report for each request. We can also provide trained staff to help you in assessing your requirements. Where the task requires more than reporting, a tailored solution will be provided on time and within your budget.

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