Optional Module

Designed for companies looking to promote and sell their products or services online, There are two integrated eCommerce modules available for use with ABM: SPNet eCommerce and ABM eCommerce


The SPNet eCommerce solution provides and excellent range of eCommerce functionality and is able to be used in a wide variety of business environments. SPNet has a range of customisation options available for business who want to customise the overall look and feel of their eCommerce website. For more information on customisation options please contact an ABM channel partner.

ABM eCommerce

The ABM eCommerce module provides an excellent range of core eCommerce functionality and is a robust solution for businesses looking to deploy an eCommerce solution “out of the box”. The ABM eCommerce module includes a range of configuration options for users but is not able to be substantially customised by external web developers.

Both the SPNet and ABM eCommerce products are designed for companies looking to promote and sell their products or services online. The eCommerce modules create an intuitive web site easily tailored to a range of business scenarios and allow businesses to define how they trade with existing and potential customers, by showcasing products and providing a smooth channel for customer purchases.

The resulting website handles both account and retail type customers, as well as branch offices and remote sales staff, all with 100% accounting database integration.


Product Display

Classify products within defined groups in multiple levels, and empower customers with a rapid product search for fast access. Product displays can include fields from the inventory database, such as stock availability, and includes a ‘special’ pricing facility.

Template & Hosting

‘Ready to use’ templates provide web developers with flexibility for custom design and operation within existing web sites. The web site can either be hosted within the organisation, local webserver or at an ISP.

Web Traffic Monitoring

Monitor web traffic by user group, date range and type of activity. Compare customers and guest users, view total ‘hits’ for a nominated period, monitor the number and value of orders placed or track individual users and the functions they mostly access.

Secure Payment

An embedded CommSecure™ payment gateway ensures customers of credit card payment security. The facility can be used for both one-off purchases and payments on existing account balances.

Accounting Database Integration

Create a dynamic website that automatically reflects changes in the underlying financial database. Information, such as pricing and inventory, is communicated bilaterally between website and accounting system, preventing the need to maintain a separate internet database. 


SPNet eCommerce Brochure (PDF)

ABM E-commerce Brochure (PDF)

SPNet eCommerce Link