Mobile Warehouse Management

Optional Module


The ASPluris mobile supply chain management system integrates directly to the ABM core accounting system, ensuring real-time visibility across the entire system.

ASPluris services several markets from warehousing, logistics and supply chain through to manufacturing, engineering, 3PL, construction and contracting through several flexible modules that range from dispatch, receiving and transfer of stock to stocktake and stock adjustment.

If your business needs a system for your warehouse, shop floor or even out on the field, ASPluris is always connected to ABM through a web services application.

Hardware and Software

ASPluris™ is an innovative real-time mobility suite of modular solutions which provides a reliable and cost-effective bridge to your existing finance/accounting or ERP/WMS software that is easy to deploy and maintain, delivering mobility to your organisation. ASPluris™ provides the most advanced distribution and logistics, inventory and stocktake, field service, job costing, customer relationship management and manufacturing functionalities in the palm of your hand.
ASPluris™ provides users with the freedom to move around, be it in the warehouse, shop floor or out in the field (Wi-Fi, GPRS or 3G+), always connected to the enterprise system through a web services application running on a handheld data capture terminal or tablet which can read barcodes and RFID tags.


Mobilising your people with ASPluris empowers them to work more productively and efficiently, thereby improving customer satisfaction, giving you an edge over your competitors.

  • Accurate real time inventory visibility and processing
  • Ability to monitor staff KPI’s such as time taken to pick
  • Elimination of picking errors
  • Reduced time for order picking
  • Scalable and modular
  • Fast return on investment

Features Details

Multiple Pack Size

ABM products can be configured with multiple barcodes, where each barcode specifies a particular pack size. For example, one barcode could specify a single product, another barcode could specify a box of 12 of the same product and so on.

Accurate Stocktakes

ASPluris fully integrates with ABM’s stocktakes and operators are guided by the scanner as to what to count. ASPluris tells the operator how many of an item there should be, location by location.

Multiple Location

The same item can be stored in multiple locations or warehouses and ASPluris keeps track of where the stock is. Stock can be transferred between locations or warehouses and individual scanner operators can be restricted to operating in a single warehouse, or to several specific warehouses.

Label Printing

ASPluris is optionally able to print carton labels, then keep track of what is in which carton and can then print pallet labels afterwards.

Inventory Rotation

Where an ABM product is configured to use date and/or batch codes, ASPluris can be configured to guide the operators to pick the oldest products first.

Freight Information

After dispatch, ASPluris can be configured to prompt for package measurements and then send these measurements back to ABM.


ASPluris Brochure (PDF)