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Service Management Software

ABM Service Management is ideal for service companies who supply on-site service to their clients. It applies to a wide range of service industries such as equipment servicing, monitoring, field engineers, security, on-site services, tradesman, etc. The system allows tracking of a firm’s personnel by time expenditure and revenue, monitors and dispatches calls to mobile personnel, logs client service history, and provides customer billing and reporting functionality.

Features Details

Call Dispatch

Receive incoming service calls and collect all necessary information, including priority, charge, general and technical details, before relaying directly to the appropriate engineer or department. Engineers can be fully aware of a client’s history, as well as trace a call from initial logging to completion.

Full Installtion & Services History

Archive every installation and service including contract details, components installed, warranty details, service work, travel time, floor plans or layouts, call type, engineers assigned, and more. Retrace work history and use to reprint invoices or utilise the information for current jobs.

Stock Control & Tag Links

Integrate with accounting inventory, as well as track items for each installation such as serial numbers, suppliers and warranty details. Special prices can also be implemented automatically for specific clients or suppliers


Create, and email, invoices for billing as well as a record under a client’s history for later retrieval. Generate automatic invoices for clients with maintenance or monitoring contracts according to billing terms, and easily view client account balances and credit limits.

Link to Document Scanning

Signed service dockets can be scanned quickly and efficiently into a central server to enable quick retrieval from a client’s history file. Other documents can be scanned and linked such as brochures, spreadsheets, emails, CV’s, etc.

Link to Remote Engineer

Engineers can have controlled access via 3G/GPRS, thus providing a paperless solution for saving time. Customers can confirm call completion through electronic signature and invoices may be created on-site if necessary.


Produce reports on the service aspects of the business such as troublesome installations, engineer time and cost analysis, contracts status and service call costs

Tag Equipment Tracking

Track equipment on-site via Tag Numbers. Service calls can be booked to an account and the Tag Item itself, making aware if an item is still under warranty as well as tracking the item’s history of breakdowns

Mobile App

ABM Service Management is integrated with a companion application which can be install on iOS or Android


ABM Service Management Brochure (PDF)

ABM Service Management Presentation (PDF)