Customer Relationship Management

Optional Module

Improve your CRM

Another great idea is to allow your telemarketing company to access the data from their own office. Complete with user security to customize the most suitable environment, your telemarketing sales staff no longer need to visit your office to be at their most effective.

The software can be used as a separate CRM package, or as a fully integrated CRM to your Advanced Business Manager accounting system. The integration is automated and immediate, as each transaction is processed, the accounting database is updated live. This removes the need to run separate databases and merge them to keep your data up to date in both systems.

You can easily create Customers and Contacts, add Activities such as Notes, Appointments, Emails and Phone Calls. Now decide what type of Marketing List to create, and import your list of prospects. The Campaign can be Mass Mail Out, Cold Call, E-Newsletter, TV or Radio Advertising, simply choose the type of event that suits your needs.

Follow up by converting your Leads into Prospects using the Pipeline feature. Each prospect can be active, on hold, pending, terminated or won. ABM’s CRM will also track anticipated returns against actual spend allowing you to record probability statistics and determine the overall value of your campaigns.

Features Details

Contact Management

Keep all your details for customers, leads, suppliers and colleagues in one accessible place, while tracking all interactions and communications between parties.

Mailing List

Create, edit and tailor mailing lists according to your marketing campaign needs.


Easily keep track of your sales opportunities. See real time data on winning percentages and approximate values of your leads, have confidence that follow-ups will be met and direct the ‘next step’ in the sales process.


Focused campaigns can be quickly launched, giving you valuable feedback on your progress, success rates and pending tasks.

Mobile Application

ABM CRM mobile application allows users to access customer information when needed. This gives staff access to critical customer information on the job including contacts, activities and opportunities.


ABM CRM Brochure (PDF)