Picking Slip Management Wizard

A CONTAINER OR GOODS HAS ARRIVED AT THE FACTORY DOOR. HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT ORDERS TO PICK? Simply by using our Picking Slip Management program, you can easily produce a list of orders that are waiting on the newly arrived stock. You can select to prioritize orders by order number, order date, delivery date …

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Integrate All Your Systems

It’s most important for a growing business to be able to integrate all their business systems. You may want to be able to integrate your Webshop, E-Commerce platform, CRM system, EDI partner systems or mobile apps. The list is endless. Most businesses do this as they gain many advantages over their competitors.  As a result, …

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Delivery Run Management

HOW CAN I IMPROVE THE TIME IT TAKES TO DELIVER OUR PRODUCTS TO CUSTOMERS? There are 3 steps to reducing delivery times in your business-Improve stock management, improve picking efficiency and automate delivery run management. Let’s look at Delivery Run Management and see what advances are possible using the latest technology in the field. Let’s …

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WHEN SETTING UP A SYSTEM FOR DELIVERING GOODS AND SERVICES TO CUSTOMERS, WHAT DO I DO FIRST? Do I pick it, do I purchase it or do I produce it? Just because you enter a sales order and generate a picking slip, doesn’t mean you have the stock to pick. Any system worth having should …

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Beware Version One

SO YOU’VE DECIDED TO FIX ALL THE SYSTEMS THAT DON’T WORK IN YOUR BUSINESS, BUT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE DREADED VERSION 1? So where do you start? This is the most common question asked by our customers, particularly when there is a change in management or a change in business conditions for their industry. …

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Data Automation

SIX BENEFITS OF DATA EXTRACTION AND AUTOMATION FOR SME’S Businesses face many challenges in the modern business environment. Now more than ever, business leaders need to be constantly on lookout for more effective ways of managing jobs. By staying stagnant and not improving processes over time, will mean both short and long term growth will …

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Auto Kickstart for 2018

KICKSTART 2018 WITH OUR TOP 3 TIME SAVING IDEAS FOR YOUR BUSINESS So, it’s 2018 and you want to make the year count.  You want your business to hum along like a well oiled machine on a never ending highway.  That’s a great goal to start the new year and one that most business owners …

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Totally Workwear

Choosing Ajendico Pty Ltd to migrate our franchise to Advanced Business Manager (ABM) software was the right decision for our business.