Integrate All Your Systems

It’s most important for a growing business to be able to integrate all their business systems. You may want to be able to integrate your Webshop, E-Commerce platform, CRM system, EDI partner systems or mobile apps. The list is endless.

Most businesses do this as they gain many advantages over their competitors.  As a result, you will notice reduced labour hours re-keying data, less keying errors and all your information will be in the one location.

Because all staff can then use the same source of knowledge.

However every business is unique, so we can also provide support to your external programmer.  We have several options such as the ABM Developer Kit and ABM’s API – Flex Server. 

So your programmer can do the work for you directly.

Do you need to know more?

The ABM Developer Kit includes:

ABM Developer help file – Detailed descriptions of the ABM data structure, transactions engine, code snippets and how to develop programs to work with ABM
ABM Report Engine – Detailed descriptions on the ABM report engine structure, how to write custom reports to work with ABM and how to get the most out of ABM reports
Sample Program – Sample source code and executable programs demonstrating how to use the ABM transaction engine OCX with ABM
Enhanced Sample Data – An enhanced version of the ABM Evaluation company database including sample queries on the ABM data
Developer Support – Email access to the ABM Developer help desk for advice and developer related assistance

The ABM developer kit is available on an annual subscription basis.

Are you interested in integrating another system with Advanced Business Manager? Our Support Team are ready to help.