Asset Management

Optional Module

Fixed Assets

CS Assets is designed to provide comprehensive tracking of fixed assets within one or multiple businesses. With a great deal of flexibility, the module is simple to operate and caters for a variety of assets with extensive reporting and costing options available.

It also features a fully integrated lease module for management of various types of leases from Finance, Operating and Hire Purchase leases. Lease costs can be dissected for interest, stamp duty and other costs.

CS Assets keeps track of asset purchases, disposals, transfers, revaluations, service history, easing and general maintenance performed. You can track the asset value both by book and taxable value.


Depreciation can be run at any time and can be applied daily through to annually, for specific assets or selected categories of assets. Depreciation reversals are available both at book or tax value. Service maintenance on assets can be done at the request or can be scheduled with reminders set for each service item. Budgets are also available, comparing actual to budgeted costs and reporting variances. Assets can be issued and tracked per employee. This allows you to control and also transfer assets in bulk to another employee.

Other features include:

  • Master/slave assets with linked sales
  • Multi-user system
  • Multi companies can be setup
  • Location and transfer history
  • Service history and reminders
  • Stores asset image files
  • Stocktake facilities including barcode PDA support
  • Cap-Ex tracking
  • Partial asset sales
  • Asset pooling with accelerated depreciation
  • Depreciation cost limits and private use
  • Serial numbers, model, barcodes and insurance details supported
  • Warranty information for each asset is maintained
  • General ledger interface to accounts


Fixed Assets Brochure (PDF)

Assets Overview(PDF)