When your business requires specific functionality beyond the core accounting system, ABM provides Optional Modules. Optional Modules connect to the accounting system to provide single-entry workflow, allowing the system to expand effortlessly with your business.


Advanced Manufacturing System (AMS) is designed to simply, organise, manage and control every step and element of business manufacturing, from planning to production, raw materials to finished goods.

Mobile Warehouse Management

The ASPluris Mobile Warehouse Management System integrates directly to the ABM Core System, ensuring real-time visibility across the entire system 

Branch Management

ABM Branch is the essential multi-branch management tool, allowing your system to effectively control operations through an easy to use interface. The module provides management of the user permissions/visibility, setup of specific bank accounts, monitoring of customer and supplier lists, as well as control of stock allocation across multiple branches

Customer Relationship Management

Our CRM allows you to easily track existing and potential customers and the information that you need to ensure your business serve them well. ABM’s CRM has huge design advantage over competitor products. Ideally suited to a mobile sales team, you can access the software via any web browser. that added convenience means you can be anywhere, with nothing more than your  smartphone, and you can quickly access your valuable data and make the sale


SPNet is an e-commerce module that links to ABM product databases. It provide our ABM customers with the way to promote and sell their products and services via company website

Service Management

ABM Service Module is a software package designed specifically for the service industry, offering a wide variety of the features that are invaluable for saving time and money in the running of your business

Import Costing

Import Costing allow you to combine a number of different purchase orders into the one shipment and apply the costs of that shipment across the ABM product according to number of different costing methods, such as weight, value or volume

Asset Management Software

CS Assets is designed to provide comprehensive tracking of fixed assets within one or multiple business. With a great deal of flexibility, The module is simple to operate and caters for a variety of assets with extensive reporting and costing options available

Subcontractor Claims

Subcontractor claims ​is designed for entry of subcontractor claims against a job or project. This allows the set up of subcontractors as suppliers in the system and assigns them to specific jobs or projects, allowing the processing of interim claims submitted from subcontractors for the work done so far. A claim received by the main contractor is then entered through the subcontractors claim form, and is processed as an invoice from that subcontractor.

Electronic Data Interchange

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a computer-to-computer exchange of business documents is a standard electronic format. Orders are placed and confirmed automatically, prices are accurately confirmed and agreed upon, deliveries and back orders are handled according to trading policies and the human error factor is almost 100% eliminated

Structured Stock Management

Structured Stock is also known as styles, sizes and colours . Ideal for the textile and footwear industries, structured stock allows you to sell the same product in multiple different style, sizes and colours in a matrix style format. This reduces data entry considerably and makes it easy to sell multiple of the same inventory items to your customer

Payroll Software

The Wage Easy Payroll package offers Australian companies an integrated and comprehensive human resources and payroll solution. Establish in 1993, the product has thousands of business users in Australia raging in size from ten employees to several thousands employees

ABM Opmetrix

Opmetrix provides mobile sales force automation software for high-performing organisations. With the Opmetrix App, sales teams sell more and gain efficiencies in every call they make. Opmetrix is more than just an App. We back our application with outstanding support and a constant focus on innovation. All of this means our customers can focus on achieving the perfect store call.

ABM Alchemex

Advanced business manager’s powerful reporting module, ABM Alchemex, gives businesses the competitive edge by enabling quick and easy access to real-time information needed for operations and strategic planning. Effortlessly create ABM products and accounts reports and analyse data from ABM using the familiar Microsoft® Excel® application.

ABM Netstock

Netstock is a cloud based stock management system that focuses on reducing your stock carrying costs, reduces your out of stock issues and at the same time, provides tools to make ordering from your suppliers quicker and easier and on time fulfillment percentages increase.

ABM Billfeeds

ABM Billfeeds allows our customers to automate data entry. Documents such as supplier invoices, customer orders and remittances can be scanned and uploaded or emailed directly to the system.


ezyCollect is your always-on service for accounts receivable monitoring and management. Seamless integration with ABM software


ABM POS is a fully featured online or offline point of sale system

Document Server

The module allows the workload for time intensive document generation to be moved from an individual work station to a designated document server. The module also enables consolidation of multiple forms into a single email or fax for convenience and size requirements.

Job Costing & Timesheeting

The Job Costing module in ABM’s allows you to produce estimates to help in pricing the value of the job. Ideal for the construction industry, you can enter retention information so that when invoices are raised, the retention amount and due date are automatically calculated and accounted for

Project Invoicing

Project Invoicing allows you to invoice charges to a job according to variable criteria, allowing fast, flexible and simple invoice or draft invoice creation for customer projects and jobs. It lets the user choose the amount to invoice and the value of work in progress to be set-off against revenue.


ABM’s Warehousing module provides logical control and organisation of stock, allowing users to create a hierarchal structure in each warehouse with multiple aisles, bins, etc and a waiting area for goods not yet put away. The module uses “bins” to organise and group stock depending on the user’s grouping method, location, level, stage, etc.

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