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Anytime, Anywhere

Advanced Business Manager (ABM) is embracing the shift towards mobile applications in order to deliver “anytime, anywhere” access to your business information.

ABM mobile application has shown strong improvements in operating efficiencies and accuracy, due to the ability for mobile users to enter data on the spot and have access to ABM wherever they are.

ABM have continued to develop and improve these applications, more recently with a brand new look and feel. This great new look and feel from ABM makes managing your business information so much easier with a brand new user interface. It’s time to improve efficiency and accuracy with ABM’s Mobile Applications.

Giving you access to ABM on the go – no matter where you are.

Mobile Timesheet

The ABM Mobile Timesheet application allows iOS and Android device users to receive job notifications in the field and to record time and costs without ever setting foot in the office.

Mobile CRM

The ABM Customer Relationship Management (CRM) mobile application allows iOS and Android device users to have access to customer information at their fingertips.

Mobile Sales & Service Management

The ABM Sales & Service mobile application allows iOS and Android device users to receive logged calls in the field and to record all aspects of the job from acceptance to completion.

Proof of Delivery

ABM’s Proof of Delivery app is designed to allow you to record the signature of the recipient and payment, if required, on pick up or delivery of goods and services. The app can be configured to use either deliveries or invoices as the transaction type to use.

Mobile Sales Opmetrix

ABM Opmetrix is a mobile sales force application, designed to focus sales teams on automating day-to-day operations in the field.

zapMYstock Essential

The idea behind zapMYstock Essential was to have a system that could connect to virtually any system that can import and export data in Microsoft Excel or .CSV files. The zapMYstock Essential PC program takes data from virtually any system and uploads it to and downloads it from the scanner and then back into your system after your stock has been counted.

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