Core and Optional Software Modules for the On-site Service Industry

Core Software Modules for the On-site Service Industry

Service Management
Mobile App Brochure (PDF)
Service Management Brochure (PDF)
Service Management Presentation
  • Call Dispatch
    Receive incoming service calls and collect all necessary information, including priority, charge, general and technical details, before relaying directly to the appropriate engineer or department. Engineers can be fully aware of a client’s history, as well as trace a call from initial logging to completion.
  • Full Installation & Services History
    Archive every installation and service including contract details, components installed, warranty details, service work, travel time, floor plans or layouts, call type, engineers assigned, and more. Retrace work history and use to reprint invoices or utilise the information for current jobs.
  • Stock Control & Tag Links
    Integrate with accounting inventory, as well as track items for eachinstallation such as serial numbers, suppliers and warranty details.Special prices can also be implemented automatically for specific clientsor suppliers
  • Invoicing
    Create, and email, invoices for billing as well as a record under a client’s history for later retrieval. Generate automatic invoices for clients with maintenance or monitoring contracts according to billing terms, and easily view client account balances and credit limits.
  • Link to Document Scanning
    Signed service dockets can be scanned quickly and efficiently into a central server to enable quick retrieval from a client’s history file. Other documents can be scanned and linked such as brochures, spreadsheets, emails, CV’s, etc.
  • Link to Remote Engineer
    Engineers can have controlled access via 3G/GPRS, thus providing a paperless solution for saving time. Customers can confirm call completion through electronic signature and invoices may be created on-site if necessary.
  • Reporting
    Produce reports on the service aspects of the business such as troublesome installations, engineer time and cost analysis, contracts status and service call costs
  • Tag Equipment Tracking
    Track equipment on-site via Tag Numbers. Service calls can be booked to an account and the Tag Item itself, making aware if an item is still under warranty as well as tracking the item’s history of breakdowns
Business Intelligence
ABM Alchemex Brochure (PDF)
  • Interactive Report, allowing drill down and data slicing
  • Support Microsoft Excel to present and change report template
  • Get Graphical representation of information
  • Up-to-date with the real time data
  • Perform powerful consolidation across multiple companies or divisions
  • Automate monthly managerial report distribution
CRM Brochure (PDF)
  • ABM Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software is a powerful customer centric system, aimed at simplifying tasks such as client management, marketing, lead tracking and customer analysis
  • With full integration of the ABM accounting system, and driven by a robust SQL database, the CRM software module provides a unique platform for accessing and utilising all your customer and supplier information

Optional Software Modules for the On-site Service Industry

Asset Management
Fixed Assets Brochure (PDF)
Assets Overview(PDF)
  • Master/slave assets with linked sales
  • Multiple-user system
  • Multiple companies can be setup
  • Location and transfer history
  • Service history and reminders
  • Stores asset image files
  • Stocktake facilities including barcode PDA support
  • Cap-Ex tracking
  • Partial asset sales
  • Asset pooling with accelerated depreciation
  • Depreciation cost limits and private use
  • Serial numbers, models, barcodes and insurance details supported
  • Warranty information for each asset is maintained
  • General ledger interface to accounts
Branch Management
Brochure (PDF)​
  • Branch Reporting
    With a separation in accounting, reports are able to disclose how each branch is performing or operating as a unit of the business. Find out which are your most profitable branches and why.
  • Control User Permissions
    Create user-permissions on what staff can see and report on for each branch or the entire business, providing controls on staff access and visibility.
  • Separate Branch Operations
    Assign customers, managers, suppliers, bank accounts, products and jobs to specific branches, allowing only those that are associated to a particular branch’s operations to be used. This allows the accounting system to maintain a clear separation of branch transactions, personnel and assets.
Document Server
Brochure (PDF)​
  • Queues
    Process queued print work from a single machine and manage the order and output of the document through a queue management utility. Place the burden of document processing on idle consoles, while freeing up frequently used stations
  • Time delays
    Setup processing work to be performed when stations are not in use, making sure stations are not held up during peak times
  • Document consolidation
    Consolidate documents in a queue to the same email address or fax number, by utilising Microsoft Fax Server. Also, include attachments to documents being printed or emailed
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