Core and Optional Software Modules for the Food and Beverage Industry​

Core Software Modules for the Food and Beverage Industry

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  • ABM Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software is a powerfulcustomer centric system, aimed at simplifying tasks such as clientmanagement, marketing, lead tracking and customer analysis
  • With full integration of the ABM accounting system, and driven by a robust SQL database, the CRM software module provides a unique platform for accessing and utilising all your customer and supplier information
Use By Date
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  • Setup a product with lot numbers with expiry dates. This allows you to track the batch number and expiry date sold to each customer on each sale
Pack Sizes
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  • Every product can be sold in multiple pack sizes. This can be used to sell by
    in units, packs, cartons and inners, or Chocolate, strawberry, caramel and
    vanilla. Our free format setup allows you to name the packs to suit each
    individual product.

Buy and Sell Products by Weight & Volume
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  • Products can be sold by weight so you can track products by the kilogram or by the litre.

Sales by Weight Scale Barcodes
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  • You can sell products in your retail store or warehouse shop by scanning the
    weight barcode created by your weight scales.
  • The software will back calculate the quantity sold based on the sale price
    scanned on the barcode label and accurately track stock on hand.
Suggest Order
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  • When customers call to place an order, click on the Suggest Order button in
    the Sales transaction to show a list of recently purchased products for this
    customer. Enter the new quantities required for fast data entry of the sale or
    sales order.

Special Price
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  • The software supports special prices, special discounts, promotional price
    (with a start and end date), quantity price breaks and pack size pricing.
  • These prices can be setup for an individual customer, or a group or category
    of customers and they can be applied to an individual product or a group or
    category of products. This is in addition to prices in foreign currency and
    eight standard price levels available.
Multiple Stock Locations
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  • You can have as many warehouse locations as you need within the core
    ABM program.

Optional Software Modules for the Food and Beverage Industry

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  • This module allows you to see a visual representation of your warehouses
    and nominate different bin locations in each warehouse. All staff can easily
    see what stock is available in any location.

Individual Customer Price Lists
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  • Using our Alchemex Reporting tools, easily automate the process of
    sending out updated customised price lists for each customer. Each one lists
    all prices including special prices, special discounts, promotional prices,
    quantity price breaks, pack sizes and foreign currency pricing

Pantry List Sales Order
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  • Stores a customised pantry order list for each customer. When the
    customer places an order, products are not forgotten and fast data entry
    improves the process.

LoyaltyPoints Program
  • Nominate the promotional date range, the products and points available
    and the program will do the rest. Each invoice and statement lists points
    earned and confirms the current points balance for the promotion.

Sales Integration
  • Entering product information into additional systems can cause costly
    mistakes. ABM can create a custom link between two or more systems that
    have common data making updates such as price changes easy and error

Customised Sales Order Programs
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  • Would you like us to tailor the sales order program to suit your business
  • We have written many sales order programs to meet specific needs
  • Examples include product search by partial descriptions, product lists by
    group or category, barcode scanning and customised pantry lists for each
  • Tell us about your ideal scenario and we will create the solution for you
Webshop Integration
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  • Our webshop solutions are optimised for mobile devices, store pantry lists
    for each customer and support multiple pack sizes and special pricing.
    This provides a consistent experience when placing orders regardless of
    the method used.

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